2/08/2016 | Speakers

Joanna Bator


Polish writer. Academically, a philosopher and Cultural Studies specialist. She devoted herself to literature after having previously worked at the universities in London, New York and Tokio. She was a freelance contributor to Gazeta Wyborcza daily. She is the author of several novels: Piaskowa Góra (2009), Chmurdalia (2011), Ciemno, prawie noc (2013) and a forthcoming Rok Królika (2016), as well as numerous essays and reports. Her works have been translated into German, French, Hibrew, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Slovene, Czech and Hungarian. She was awarded numerous prizes for her work, eg. Nike Literary Prize or Swiss Spycher Literaturepreis. In 2014, she was a Visiting Professor in the field of world literature at the University in Brno. In the years 2015-2016, she lived in Berlin as an  Artist-in-Residence of the German DAAD foundation.