Idea of the Freedom Games

Freedom Games is a unique interdisciplinary forum held in Poland, the aim of which is to offer a creative space for individuals from the sectors of culture, business and public affairs, among others. In cooperation with world renowned intellectuals and leaders we strive to create an event recognized worldwide during which we will have an opportunity to discuss the key challenges the Western societies must face in the 21st century. At the same time, it is our goal to further develop the cultural capital of the residents of the city of Lodz and the entire region.

The leading topic of the 2016 edition of the forum is the Clash of Cultures and its various dimensions. It is our response to the ever-growing European and Polish dillema related to the co-habitation in one place individuals of various religious beliefs, cultures and ideologies.

The issues discussed during the forum shall include: relation between corporate governance principles and civic societies, CSR nowadays, among others. Once again, Freedom Games will be a chance for people advocating for liberal democracy, human rights, open society and rule of law to meet and exchange their ideas.

Freedom Games involve diverse participation formats – starting with traditional lectures, exhibitions and concerts to innovative workshops, informal meetings and roundtables.

The program of the event that shall be released in a few months will be the direct result of the ongoing cooperation with our partners. Every year, the events take place in spectacular venues in the centre of the City of Lodz (Poland), what enables us to make the forum closely aligned with the revitalisation strategy of the city.

Previous editions: