16/08/2016 | Speakers

Farid Hafez


A researcher at the Department of Political Science at the University of Salzburg. He has been teaching at the University of Klagenfurt and the Muslim Teachers Training College University in Vienna. He has been a Visiting Lecturer at Istanbul University and Osmangazi University and a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University in New York City. He is the editor of the German Jahrbuch für Islamophobieforschung (Islamophobia Studies Yearbook, www.jahrbuch-islamophobie.de). In 2009, Dr. Hafez was awarded with the Bruno-Kreisky-Award for the political book of the Year 2009 for his anthologoy Islamophobie in Österreich (Islamophobia in Austria) that he co-edited with Prof. John Bunzl. His last publications include a biography on the former president of the Islamic Council of Austria, Anas Schakfeh (Braumüller Verlag, 2012), From the Far Right to the Mainstream: Islamophobia, Party Politics and the Media (Campus Verlag, 2012), together with Humayun Ansari, and an introduction to the history of Islamic Political Thought, Islamische Politische Denker (Peter Lang Academic Publishers, 2014).