8/12/2016 | News

Thank You and See You Next Year!

lenkowski-igrzyska-2016Ladies and Gentlemen,

although this year’s event was organized in a difficult political situation in Poland and challenging financial circumstances, vast majority of participants emphasized that it was also the best and a much needed edition. Now, more than ever before, an open dialogue about ideas and the challenges Europe and the entire globe are faced with plays a vital role in our societies.

Freedom Games is a meeting of individuals who are curious about the world and hungry for new ideas. It is a forum joined by renowned scholars and intellectuals as well as a discussion on difficulties that the Western societies face in the 21st century. This year’s edition, devoted to the topic of “The Clash of Cultures”, was a response to the ever-growing European and Polish dilemma related to the co-habitation in one place individuals of various religious beliefs, cultures and ideologies. The event was accompanied by a think tank meeting of a CEE network: 4liberty.eu.

We hosted many extraordinary speakers: Oksana Zabuzhko – an Ukrainian writer, who participated in Maidan, Professor Angana P. Chatterji of the University of California, Berkley – a specialist in Hindu nationalism, Eric Fassin – Professor of sociology at the University of Paris, Professor Marek Belka – a former Prime Minister of Poland and a former Head of the National Bank of Poland, Professor Marek Safjan – Judge of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Mateusz Kijowski – the leader and founder of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy, and several accomplished Polish writers – Joanna Bator, Andrzej Stasiuk and Wojciech Tochman. Moreover, each day ended with a concert.

I would like to thank all our partners and everyone who helped us to organize the third edition of Freedom Games. Together we created a truly exceptional event.

Finally, I would also like to invite you to join our efforts in organizing the forthcoming fourth edition of Freedom Games, which will be held in October 2017 and shall be devoted to the topic of new technologies and their influence on the stability of democracy and social changes around the world.

Błażej Lenkowski

President of the Board of Fundacja Industrial

(Liberté!, 4liberty.eu, 6. Dzielnica, Freedom Games)

zdanowskaLadies and Gentlemen,

Freedom Games is one one the key forums of ideas in our part of Europe, which gathers intellectuals, writers, political scientists, social activists – people from the sectors of culture, politics and business. As the Mayor of Lodz, I am really proud that such an ambitious event takes place in our city and has a positive influence on the image of our metropolis while at the same time providing the residents of the city with a great educational offer.

Sopot has the European Forum for New Ideas, Katowice – European Economic Congress, Wrocław – Wrocław Global Forum, Krynica Zdrój – Economic Forum. Now Łódź has Freedom Games, which – although being still a relatively young event – does it utmost to develop each year. Łódź is an open city which every day works for the benefit of its residents. This is why Freedom Games – in contrast to other events of this kind in Poland – are also open for everyone. The participation is free of charge. We want to give our residents a chance to take part in a great educational event. One of the highest intellectual value and available for everyone. These are the principles that we cultivate.

The leading topic of this year’s edition, “The Clash of Cultures”, perfectly corresponded with the multicultural history of our city. Freedom Games teach about other cultures and are a great opportunity for a creative meeting. Impressive attendance numbers prove that both the city and its residents really needed this event.

I recommend cooperation with the organizers in preparing Freedom Games 2017. The next forum will have at its core the topic of new technologies, digitalization and their impact on the societies and culture. In other words, all that is dear to Lodz – a place where high-tech companies and innovative start-ups develop rapidly.

Hanna Zdanowska

Mayor of the City of Lodz